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Sensory Room Supplies - Large Motor Must-Haves

Harkla Sensory Swing for Kids Indoor

sensory room swing                                                The BEST swing for kids!  My students with autism love this set up.  Install it in your sensory room and send parents this link so they can install it to the ceiling joist in their home.

Crash Pad, Sensory Pad with Foam Blocks (5 feet x 5 feet)Crash pad for autism

Great for jumping, flopping, and deep pressure.  Many kids with autism also like to lie underneath it.

ABS Inflatable Exercise Ball, 105cm Diameter (42″)                                                Large sensory ball for autismThere are yoga balls and then there are ginormous yoga balls.  Once you find the biggest one you can (this is it!) purchase it.  Belly bouncing into them, body surfing (yes, really), and having an adult roll the ball on top of their body are favorites.

Wobble Balance Board – Yes4All

Wobble board for autismPerfect for kids who like to pace, rock, or wiggle.  Can be quite relaxing.

US Games Colossal Play Tunnel             
Large blue tunnelA super large tunnel (3′ wide x 12′ long) lets all of my students enjoy crawling or relaxing in the tunnels.  Stores easily!

Mini Trampoline

girl jumping on mini trampoline

Great for kids who pace, flap, fidget, or rock.  This trampoline holds up to 330 pounds making it perfect for almost all users.

Under the Desk Bike Pedal

under the desk bike pedals

Easy to move and adjust bike pedals for kids who need to move while doing seated work.

Sensory Room Supplies - Small Motor Must-Haves

TANGLE Fidget Toys 

tangle fidget
Toxic free therapy tools for busy hands and minds.  My FAVORITE finger fidget.  Hours of fun!

Sensory Liquid Motion Bubbler

sensory tubes             
Mesmerizing liquid tubes that are often relaxing and entertaining.

Sensory Table

Sensory tableGreat to be used as a wet or dry sensory tub.  The wheels and lid are must haves! This is a kid favorite.

Puffer Ball

Puffer ball
Huge (9 inches!) stress ball!  Perfect for relaxing and small muscles.

Jelly Bead Balls

Jelly bead balls
Visually attractive fidget that almost feels like a massage.  Great for hand and sock feet fidgeting.

Spiky Sensory Rings

An assortment of spiky sensory rings

A pressure applying ring that is great for relaxing the joint and encouraging silent movements for kids with ADHD & autism.

Chewelry Necklaces

chewy necklace sensory support for autismSilicone chewy necklace for support of oral sensory seekers to reduce fidgeting and increase focus.

Sensory Brush

sensory brush for autism

Soft brushes for sensory soft and therapy.  Great for brushing on the skin as part of the Wilbarger protocol.

Stretchy Jelly String Noodles

stretchy jelly string noodles
Use stretchy noodles to twirl, wrap, pull, stretch, spin, and so much more.  Wonderful for the active fidgeter.

Clear Vinyl Tubing
plastic vinyl tubing

My favorite fidget for students who need a chewy & a fidgeting tool.  Cut the tubing to length and chew, bend, or squeeze.


Use stretchy noodles to twirl, wrap, pull, stretch, spin, and so much more.  Wonderful for the active fidgeter.

Jumbo Glitter Wand

glitter wand

Wands are fun sensory tools that give visual and tactile stimulation.  They can be quite calming for students.  I also love using them as pointers for academics.

Amazingly Fun Teaching Aids

10 Teaching and Reading Pointers

Teaching pointers aids of teaching
Use aids for teaching and reading finger points for learning fun for all ages.

Sand Hourglass Timer Colorful 5 Pack Set

Sand timers aids of teaching

Large sand timers in 1, 3, 5, 10, and 30 minutes that show students how much time they have for an activity.

Reading Guide Strips

Color overlay aids of teaching
16 colorful overlays to highlight text while reading.  Great for dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Wireless Doorbell

Wireless doorbell for aids of teaching in the classroom.

Get your class’ attention quickly and calmly with this wireless doorbell.  Ring it, wait, and then teach!

Carpet Markers for Kids

Carpet markers aids of teaching
5″ velcro multicolor circle dots to mark spots for preK, kindergarten, and special education group time.

Dry Erase Table Spots

Table spots aids of teaching10 large circle spots that completely erase with dry erase markers.  Great for small group time.

Dry Erase Pocket

Dry erase pockets aids of teaching
A set of 30 dry erase sheet protectors that allow teachers to reuse papers during small group time.

Greater Than – Less Than Gator

A greater than or less than alligator aids of teaching tool for math
Great Than or Less Than magnetic alligator makes learning math fun and cute.  Pack of 12 gators.

Echo Microphone

Echo microphone aids of teaching
Early childhood and SPED classrooms aren’t complete with an echo microphone.  Fun for group times and language support.

Tornado Tube

Tornado tubes aids of teaching
One of the most fun hands-on science activities for little ones that is cheaper and clean!  Also great for the sensory area.

Sound Deafening Headphones

sound deafening headphones for autism noise reduction
Hearing protection for loud environments that is comfortable and adjustable.  Great for kids with autism who struggle with noise.

Aqua Doodle
aqua doodleThis mat allows kids to “paint” with just water making work and play time fun and clean up time super simple.

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