Digital Schedule Daily Visual Pictures for Autism | Editable Classroom Template



Digital schedule templates for your students daily use will create an organized flow of activities and transitions while reducing stress and anxiety for your students.

Organization of daily activities is a must for all students with autism.

Just as you use your calendar and to-do lists, students with autism need an established daily schedule to help them tackle tasks at school and home.

If you have a student who is drawn to technology, has their own personal device, or struggles to grasp manipulating a traditional paper schedule, digital scheduling is the way to go!

Easy-to-use, editable, and functional on Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, and iPads through Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Great for the student who isn’t interested in printable visual schedules this set is able to be manipulated to match their personal daily routine.

No more printing, laminating, cutting, Velcroing, physically resetting the schedule, or searching for lost pieces!

Included in this Digital Schedule Set are

  • 4 ready to use templates (PowerPoint and Google Slides)
  • 1 working example of digital schedule
  • 4 ready to use templates with checkmarks on each page (PowerPoint and Google Slides)
  • 1 working example of digital schedule with checkmarks
  • 145 schedule pictures
  • How to Use Directions
  • Links for Video How to Use Directions


145 schedule pictures of academic tasks and individual supplies along with two master digital schedule templates one with checkmarks and one without.

Each template has 4 ready-to-edit schedules within the bundle along with sample premade schedules.

Create a schedule with only one activity up to 30 activities in one set.

While png format clip art pictures are included this set works well with photographs should you choose to use real photos from your classroom and school.

Read the How-To directions or follow along on the video link within the instructions.

This set can also be useful for students, families, and teachers to use during distance learning or e-learning days.

Digital Schedule pictures included are

Daily Digital Schedule Activities

breakfast, hygiene, bathroom, exercise, sensory, communication, wash hands, lunch, recess/playground, special activity, snack, backpack, bus, car, latch key, break time, play, sign-in, party, arts & crafts, iPad, iPod, cook, book shopping, job, dance, technology, joke time, playdough, movie, quiet, game, pet, paint, recycle, sit on floor, arts & crafts, walk, line up, transition, choice time, sand table, water table, free time, put away, chores,

Grade levels

kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade, ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade, twelfth grade

Digital schedule academic tasks

interventions, read aloud, morning meeting, math, star, small group, group/circle time, stations, teacher time, computer, reading class, spelling, test, writing, read, centers, seat work, reader’s theatre, Dear, life skills, science class, puzzle, table activity, predictable chart, book, desk work, I’m ready to work, health, social skills, school, test, a play, quiz, type, home ec class, algebra, history, chemistry, drama class, geometry, inclusion, social studies, group work, calendar, language arts, science, writer’s workshop, reader’s workshop, morning work, Spanish, religion

Special Services

speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nurse, counselor


art class, gym, music, library, computer class, swimming class

Digital Schedule Supplies

reward, pencil, paper, scissors, sit, notebook, tape, ruler, paintbrush, glue stick, glue, crayons, markers, pen

Outside of the classroom activities

fire drill, tornado drill, lock down drill, earth quake drill, tsunami drill, field trip, office, cafeteria, school assembly

So, grab this effective daily digital schedule set and watch your students become more independent as they navigate through school.


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