Math Life Skills and IEP Goals NOVEMBER Daily SPED Math



Math life skills problems are here to help students with IEP life skills goals practice their math skills regularly.

And not just that, they also provide valuable data points for teachers to monitor progress.

This set of math problems is specifically for the month of November with 25 individual problems to solve.

It’s a great opportunity to create personalized IEP math goals for your students using the provided goals.

Each day, students work out one math problem.

Depending on your class, you can give them some independent time to solve it or work through the problem together in a fun whole group approach.

Have your students record their final answers on the weekly math worksheet

This will help us track their progress and keep a record of it in the IEP progress monitoring.

So, get ready for a month filled with math challenges and growth.

November Math Life Skills includes

  • 25 Bell Ringer Slides with a November themed border
  • Answer Key for Each Question
  • IEP Goals for Math with 7 Categories and 22 Goals
  • Student Recording Sheet with Questions
  • Student Recording Sheet Blank Template
  • How to Use Directions
  • Google Downloads for each (not editable)


Use the math goals and categories to help you figure out which area of math the student can improve on and what specific goal they should focus on.

If the student follows an alternate curriculum or focuses on life skills, I often go for the Mathematical Application Goals.

These goals allow you to use almost every practice problem in your daily routine to track progress.

You can find the other goals mentioned in the practice materials, with labels in the bottom corner of each daily bellringer practice and within the bottom border of the student record-keeping pages.

Keep the student record-keeping pages as evidence of their progress.

You can calculate the percentage of correct answers by dividing the number of problems they answered correctly by the total number of sample problems given.

These problems have been successfully used with students ranging from third grade to high school who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

Recommended for students with special education needs including

  • intellectual disabilities
  • autism
  • specific learning disabilities
  • functional life skills goals


Want to get the entire school year sped math bundle with 10 months of daily special education math?  Click here to download.

*Special Note: Every goal category is represented in this unit but not every goal is. Please manipulate the goals to work for your students’ IEPs as you see fit.

Let’s embark on this journey together with math life skills and watch our students shine in their math abilities!


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