Social Stories MEGA GROWING BUNDLE for Autism Story and Narratives

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Using social stories to understand social situations and follow society’s norms are a vital piece to the puzzle for school and life success.

Well managed classrooms clearly define the rules and create a conducive environment for all students to learn.

To create such a classroom, use social stories as a way to explain common issues and social rules that are found within all schools.

Many of the individuals I’ve had the privilege of working with have had difficulties understanding and accepting social norms for “basic” classroom rules.

These stories could be taught in whole group, small group, or one-on-one instruction.


Purchase this GROWING BUNDLE and receive additional social stories as they are written FOR LIFE!

Currently 70 social stories and 11 Posters.

This set of stories is composed of 8 ½” * 11” books including

Managing Problem Behaviors Social Stories

  • Hands to Self  (19 pages)
  • Hitting Hurts  (11 pages)
  • Saying Sorry  (6 pages)
  • Touching at School  (10 pages)
  • Calming Lists  (3 versions)

Classroom Rules Social Stories

  • Controlling Your Noise (19 pages)
  • Volume and Noise Monitor Posters (11 pages)
  • Following the Rules (11 pages)
  • Lining Up (17 pages)
  • Raising Your Hand (17 pages)
  • Waiting (12 pages)

Hygiene Social Stories

  • Brushing Your Teeth Social Narrative (17 pages)
  • Brushing Your Teeth Poster (2 pages)
  • Getting Dressed Social Narrative, one for boys and one for girls (12 pages)
  • Getting Dressed Poster, one for boys and one for girls (2 pages)
  • Getting Undressed Social Narrative, one for boys and one for girls (13 pages)
  • Getting Undressed Poster, one for boys and one for girls (2 pages)
  • Hair Brushing Social Narrative (15 pages)
  • Hair Brushing Poster (1 pages)
  • Passing Gas Social Narrative (12 pages)
  • Taking a Bath Social Narrative, one for boys and one for girls (12 pages)
  • Taking a Bath Poster, one for boys and one for girls (3 pages)
  • Taking a Shower Social Narrative, one for boys and one for girls (12 pages)
  • Taking a Shower Poster, one for boys and one for girls (3 pages)
  • Using the Restroom Social Narrative (17 pages)
  • Using the Restroom Poster (2 pages)
  • Using the Urinal Social Narrative (20 pages)
  • Using the Urinal Poster (2 pages)
  • Washing Hands Social Narrative (15 pages)
  • Washing Hands Poster (1 page)

Manners to Get Along in School Groups

  • Control Your Inner Monologue – use nice words (12 pages)
  • Control Your Outer Actions – no hitting (21 pages)
  • Sharing and Taking Turns (19 pages)
  • What to do During Circle Time – sitting on the carpet (11 pages)
  • Working in Groups (19 pages)

Puberty For Boys Social Stories

  • Being Discreet (concealing an erection in public) (19 pages)
  • Private Parts (masturbating) (14 pages)
  • Wet Dream (15 pages)
  • Clothes On (12 pages)
  • Hands on Top of Clothes (11 pages)

Puberty For Girls Social Stories

  • Wearing a bra (12 pages)
  • Private Parts (masturbating) (12 pages)
  • How to Change Your Pad (14 pages)
  • Clothes On (12 pages)
  • Hands on Top of Clothes (11 pages)

School Days with Differences

  • Fire Drill  (16 pages)
  • Tornado Drill  (16 pages)
  • Lockdown Drill  (16 pages)
  • Earthquake Drill  (16 pages)
  • School Closure Social Story (When School is Cancelled or Delayed (14 pages)

School Work Social Stories

  • Being Organized (17 pages)
  • Homework (12 pages)
  • Staying on Topic (14 pages)
  • Time Limits (16 pages)
  • Turn in Your Work (15 pages)
  • Work First, Then Technology (13 pages)

Social Scripting: Using a Story to Prompt Positive Behavior

  • Arguing
  • Asking for a Drink
  • Asking for a Toy
  • Asking to go to the Restroom
  • Clean Up
  • Computer Use and Stopping
  • Doing Something You Don’t Like
  • Easy Work
  • Feelings
  • Fire Drills
  • Friends
  • Getting Someone’s Attention
  • Help
  • How Are You?
  • I’m Sorry
  • Inner Monologue: Thoughts to Yourself
  • Making a Food Choice
  • Making a Choice
  • Open This
  • Picking Your Nose
  • Picture Day
  • Restroom Help (Two Different Versions)
  • Taking a Work Break
  • What’s Your Name?
  • Winning and Losing
  • Work

Friends Social Stories

  • Making Friends (18 pages)
  • Other Friends (14 pages)
  • Blaming Others (27 pages)
  • My Friends Remember Me (17 pages)
  • Being a Friend to Myself (24 pages)

After Puberty Social Situations

  • Boundaries (22 pages)
  • Controlling What You Wear (19 pages)
  • Dating (24 pages)
  • Flirting (19 pages)
  • Intimacy (23 pages)
  • Sexual Situations (35 pages)
  • When Someone Doesn’t Want to Date You (19 pages)
  • When You Don’t Want to Date Someone (15 pages)

Managing MORE Problem Behaviors

  • Belching (12 pages)
  • Biting (13 pages)
  • Passing Gas, Farting (12 pages)
  • Pinching (14 pages)
  • Time Out (11 pages)
  • Calming List (3 versions)

Social Stories Set for Meltdowns

  • Being Accountable (23 pages)
  • Noises (12 pages)
  • Being Responsible (12 pages)
  • How to Stay Calm & Avoid a Meltdown (18 pages)
  • Voice Tone (14 pages)


I use these stories in the classroom and have sent copies home to parents of students who need them.

A social narrative is the perfect tool to explain critical issues to individuals with autism.

Many students have difficulty learning routines and expectations at school and in groups.

These narratives will help explain appropriate actions in educational settings.

Great for any child including those with

  • Autism (ASD)
  • Aspergers
  • Early Childhood
  • Emotional Disorder (ED)
  • Language Impairment
  • Downs Syndrome


This social stories bundle will help you prevent and manage problems for those with autism and other disabilities so that you can have more successful days.

I recommend that these social stories be used at home, school, or in the clinic.

Using this set of social stories before or after a behavior challenge can help individuals with self-regulation and a greater understanding of their actions.

All students including typical peers and students with disabilities can greatly benefit from the narratives included.

Teachers will also find they benefit as clearly defined rules decrease stress for all.

Use the detailed stories explain and implement strategies for academic and social success.

Social narratives should always be used with clear, easy to understand text and pictures.

My social stories feature a large picture per page and text highlighted with small pictures for each individual word.

This insures greater understanding and a more clear message.

Grab this social stories set today and watch the growth begin!


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