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This social story about friends set help students who face social challenges when around other people in school and other common social settings.

Discuss how to make friends with others by reading detailed social stories that focus on friendship skills including communication and appropriate actions.

A social narrative is the perfect tool to explain delicate issues to individuals with autism.

This Social Story About Friends set includes

  • Making Friends (18 pages)
  • Other Friends (14 pages)
  • Blaming Others (27 pages)
  • My Friends Remember Me (17 pages)
  • Being a Friend to Myself (24 pages)
  • Staying the Night with Friends (26 pages)


Many students have difficulty learning what a friend is, how to be a friend, and how to keep friends.

Because of this, a social story is a great tool to teaching the rules of friendship.

The friends social stories explain appropriate actions when socializing with peers including how to make friends, keep friends, and have more than one friend.

Read the social story about friends set as books printed in color for your students to learn from and use as continued reminders.

Also, use these social stories for friendship in the classroom and send copies home to parents of students who need them.

Great for any child, young student, or individual with disabilities including those with

  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Emotional Disorder
  • Language Impairment
  • Downs Syndrome


Friends social stories are a helpful tool for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other social communication or socialization challenges.

Also, the friendship social story Set is a valuable resource for helping children learn about friendship and develop the social skills they need to make and keep friends.

The stories are easy to read and understand, and the colorful illustrations make them engaging and fun to read.

So, get ready to help your child or students understand the world of friendship!

Use this social story about friends set to help teach your students about friendship, social rules, and appropriate socialization actions to increase peer interaction and cooperation.



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