Special Education Functional Math Curriculum April Daily Math and IEP Goals



Special Education Functional Math Curriculum for the month of April allows students with IEP life skills goals frequency practice in sped math while giving the teacher of record ongoing data points for progress monitoring.

This set is for the month of April and features 25 individual math problems.

Use the supplied goals to create an appropriate IEP math goals for your students.

The sped math set is great for practice and daily documentation of students’ successes.

Read and work out the math problem for one slide a day.

Depending on your group, give them time to work independently or work the problem out with them in a whole group approach.

Have your students record their final answers to the daily math warm ups. Use their answers to track their progress and record on the IEP progress monitoring.

April Special Education Functional Math Curriculum includes

  • 25 Bell Ringer Slides with an April themed border
  • Answer Key for Each Question
  • IEP Goals for Math with 7 Categories and 22 Goals
  • Student Recording Sheet with Questions
  • Student Recording Sheet Blank Template
  • How to Use Directions
  • Google Downloads for each (not editable)


Utilize the math goals and categories to help you determine what area (category) of math the student needs to improve on and what goal the student should focus on.

For students with alternate curriculum or those focuses teaching life skills in special education, I often choose the Mathematical Application Goals.

These goals allow the teacher to use nearly every single daily practice problem for progress monitoring.

The other goals represented across the practice are labeled in the bottom corner of the individual daily bellringer practice and within the bottom border of the student record keeping pages.

Save the student record keeping pages as your evidence for progress.

Use the student’s answers to calculate the percent correct by dividing the number of problems correct with the number of sample problems given.

Utilize the problems for fourth graders through high schools students with IEPs.

Students who benefit from this educational program include those with

  • intellectual disabilities
  • autism
  • specific learning disabilities
  • functional life skills goals


You can get April plus 9 more months of daily math special education curriculum in a bundle?  Click here to download the SPED math set.

The sped math goals listed can be modified to fit each of your students.

*Special Note: Every goal category of the daily math warm ups is represented in this unit but not every goal is. Please manipulate the goals to work for your students’ IEP sped math needs as you see fit.

Download your April Special Education Functional Math Curriculum and start teaching life skills today!


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