First Then Boards Token Charts for Autism



First, Then boards are perfect and simple to use for students with autism, ADHD, or ADD who need more behavior help focusing and adhering to school rules.

A First, Then or First, Next, Then board allows the student to choose a reward to follow a teacher selected goal.

For example, if you want a student to complete their work, you would select the “Do your work” picture goal and place it on the board under “First.”

Place the student’s incentive under “Then” by either the student or the teacher.

When the student completes the goal, give the reward immediately.

These are useful in school for general education teachers, special education teacher, specialists, and therapists. Many parents also utilize them at home.

Want to see this behavior tool in action and get tips from Caroline on how to use it in the classroom?

Click here to read Using First – Then Boards to Get Work Done.

First Then Boards printable behavior help includes

  • First, Then Boards sized 5” * 3”
  • First, Next, Then Boards sized 7.75” * 3”
  • Choice Boards with 8 boxes for desired rewards
  • 29 Academically Focused goals for “First”
  • 29 Life Skills goals for “First”
  • 54 popular incentive choices for positive reinforcement
  • ll boards come in colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white


Use First-Then and First-Next-Then boards for students who need a little more motivation or for students who have behavior plans.

I often include these in IEPs for students who have a behavior goal.

This set has printable boards with premade popular goals and incentive pictures and blank boxes for you to add an original picture to.

I recommend printing these in color, laminating and cutting out.

Then attach Velcro to the cards, the dots, and the reward pictures.

I often use these often for students with autism in the general education classroom.

The visual aids allow them to see the goal associated with a desired reward increasing the likelihood that the goal will be completed.

The choice boards are an important part of the First-Then & First-Next-Then boards.

The student selects between 4-8 incentives that they have interest in working for.

Out of these incentives the student then selects one to focus on for a reward.

Place the picture card on the First, Then board.

Allow the student to pick a different reward at the beginning of each new goal of the card.

If there is a goal or incentive that is NOT identified in this packet, please send me a message and I’d be happy to add it for you before or after you download.

Download this great tool for how to help behavior problems in the classroom.


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